• VACUETTE Blood Collection Sets
VACUETTE Blood Collection Sets
- These products are primarily for use with paediatric patients and for patients with difficult veins. VACUETTE Blood Collection Sets are offered with various tubing lengths and needle dimensions. the product can also be delivered equipped for use with Luer Adapter and respectively Luer Adapter with tube holder.
Item No.  Description



Inner Outer 
450153 Winged Blood Collection Set (sterile) Tubing length: 8cm 21G x 3/4 100 pcs. 1000 pcs.
450081 Safety blood collect set + Luer Adapter 21G x 3/4 (0.80x19 mm.)     50  
450092 Safety blood collection set 23Gx3/4 (0.80x19 mm.)     50  

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